Notarali The Cute!Edit

Welcome to the Notarali Wiki! Notarali are an adoptable fictional species created by Narien the Otaku, or telltaleheart. They are an adorable cross between a cat, a bird, and a dragon, with their own spin on them of course.

The Brief Version of Notarali's HistoryEdit

Notarali's first known appearance was on DeviantArt. Later, Notarali became an adoption center on the Erin Hunter Message Boards. After about 4 Versions under the ownership of telltaleheart, and a Temporary Topic run by **Lightcloud** in the Summer, Notarali moved to their own domain, still run by it's original owner and creator.

Notarali can currently be found at:

Latest activityEdit


Meet Holly, the very first Notarali!

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